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MPS Birthday Bash (day 6) - Geography Bundles for 7 Continents

Happy 9th Birthday to YOU! I am glad to join you for the sixth day of your 9th Birthday Bash.
Enter to win the Geography Bundles for 7 Continents
(that's 891 photographic images with names/captions on each card).
use this link:

This Giveaway starts: Tuesday Jan 22, 2013 @ 12:01am EST
This Giveaway ends: Saturday Jan 26, 2013 @ 12:01 am EST

One lucky winner!

Sample of the North America Geography Bundle

All 3-Part Cards come with pictures with labels, pictures without labels, and labels.

Geography 3 Part Cards

The North America Bundle
North America Geography Folder (20 images)
North American Animals 3-Part Cards (17 images)
North American Flags 3-Part Cards (41)
North American Foods 3-Part Cards (26 images)
North American Landmarks 3-Part Cards (17 images)
North American Musical Instruments 3-Part Cards (23 images)

To view each of the individual Bundles included in this fantastic giveaway use the following links:
South America
Antarctica (only includes the Geography Folder and Animals)
All of the cards have color-coded borders (according to the traditional Montessori map colors). The winner can chose the sets with or without the color-coded borders.