Changing Education Paradigms

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Changing Education Paradigms

from Sir Ken Robinson
It is just great!
Who is Sir Ken Robinson:
Sir Ken Robinson was Professor of Education at the University of Warwick in the UK and is now Professor Emeritus. He has received honorary degrees from the Open University and the Central School of Speech and Drama; Birmingham City University, Rhode Island School of Design, Ringling College of Art and Design and the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. In 2003, he received a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II for his services to the arts. He speaks to audiences throughout the world on the creative challenges facing business and education in the new global economies.

By the way, he wrote a fantastic book, you got to read it!

His new book, a New York Times Best Seller, ‘The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything’ (Penguin/Viking 2009) is being translated into sixteen languages.

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Hello dear readers,

My first post tells you something about immersion. It's a different way of teaching children more languages. Immersion means diving into another language.

Immersion is...
  when you learn without noticing it.

Immersion is...
  learning with fun.

Baby dives into the world of letters
In my opinion immersion is the best way of learning another language because it's not about learning vocabulary, it's about teaching contents by using a second language.