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The Animal Kingdom Bundle - Giveaway

It's the summer and it's Friday ... so a Giveaway seems in order!  We know many of you take time over the summer to make new materials for your classrooms and homeschools - so be sure to visit the "Learn How To.." section on our website (see screen shot below - red circle). You'll find lots of information on preparing and using our materials.
Learn how to prepare your printable Montessori materials in our "Learn How To..." section

Anyone who has shopped in our online store can see that we've created a lot of animal lessons and last month we finally released the Six Kingdoms, Animal Kingdom , and Vertebrates & Invertebrates material. Children just LOVE learning about animals and you'll surely find something to capture their attention in our Science/Animals section.

Now, o
n to the Giveaway. We have 2 Animal Kingdom Bundles to give to 2 lucky winners! The first entry is very simple and then you'll have several opportunities to gain additional entries (some options will give you 3+ additional entries). See the Rafflecopter widget below to enter.

Giveaway ends: 12:01am EST on July 20, 2012

The Animal Kingdom Bundle includes the following:
Printable Montessori materials for the Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom Bundle

This Bundle includes 11 files for the Animal Kingdom.
Animal Kingdom - Charts
Animal Kingdom - Information Cards
Porifera 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Cnidaria 3-Part Cards Cards (8 types)
Platyhelminthes 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Nematoda 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Mollusca 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Annelida 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Arthropoda 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Echinodermata 3-Part Cards (8 types)
Chordata 3-Part Cards (8 types)