Leap into Summer Reading with the Extraordinary Miss Rhonda’s Readers {Giveaway}

missrhondafeature What do I absolutely adore about these books?
  • The characters are cute and colorful. They aren’t licensed characters, which, at least to me makes them more authentic and approachable.
  • The stories make sense. They aren’t confusing and actually follow a plot.
  • Montessori phonetics based learning (even though if you are into “sight words” based learning, these readers are still an excellent choice)

Now, you have a chance to own your summer reading kit! Here is what we have to offer you:
  • Alphabet cards*
  • Phonetic word cards*
  • Action word cards*
  • Sight word cards*
  • Set ONE
  • Set TWO
  • A stitchery patterns kit
  • A hand sewn tote (with a Miss Rhonda’s fox tail on it)

Wow, right? Thanks to Miss Rhonda, I had the chance to preview and work with my son using this kit. A clear home run in our home.